Airport Shuttle Services: Why People prefer them Over Taxis

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Whether you are planning national or international travel, thought must always go toward acquiring suitable transportation to and from places of interest. From departure to arrival, your tour should be enjoyable, not overwhelming – doesn’t matter if it’s for business or pleasure.

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Speaking of making your trip less stressful, private airport shuttle services can greatly reduce your anxiety in this regard. This blog offers more details regarding this and the benefits of hiring it.

Private Airport Shuttle Services: What they are

This type of service is meant to transport people from the airport to their choice of accommodation and vice versa towards the end of your visit. While most travellers don’t give much thought to airport transportation in advance, seasoned travellers are aware of the usefulness of private airport shuttle bus services.

This is especially true for those who have faced baggage loss or other such misfortunes. They can rest easy knowing their transportation isn’t an issue, so at least nothing can go wrong on that front. In other words, you can not only save yourself some precious time and money but also set a positive tone for your trip by securing transportation once you reach the airport of your destination.

You can book such transportation services online as per your needs and budget since there are plenty of options available. However, make sure to seek out the most efficient and reliable services by keeping an eye out on the testimonials given by previous customers.

How Private Airport Shuttle Services are Different from Group Shuttles

A group shuttle is typically advertised as a cheaper alternative in comparison with private services, such as a YYC airport transfer. That said, the difference in cost is nothing when compared to the value of private services and the amount of comfort and convenience they provide.

Suppose you’ve just hopped off your flight and claimed your baggage. As you proceed towards the exit, you may have to be dependent on whichever group shuttle is available, cram into a seat with all your luggage (if you can find space), wait in the parking lot for an hour, then jump from one taxi to the next before finally beginning your vacation ragged, exhausted, and car sick.

Don’t forget the journey back, where you’re likely to face a similar situation – spending an unnecessary amount of time getting to the airport, leaving less time to actually enjoy your trip.

On the other hand, you may choose instead to be received by a professional tasked with escorting you directly to the accommodation of your choice – along with some insider tips and complimentary gifts. A preferable start to your vacation, indeed!

If we consider the practicalities, there is only a marginal cost difference between the two services. Allocating an extra $30-40 per passenger will ensure a tremendously better start to your holiday.

Choose the Best Airport Shuttle Services in Canada

If you’re like most Canadians, you’d want to make the most of your trips, enjoying the best times of your year to the fullest. So make sure you plan your vacation wisely to do all the things you want at your destination.

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Visiting or leaving Calgary? You can book your private airport shuttle services with us, and while you’re here, take a look at our luxury tour bus rental and other services that we have to offer. We always put our customers’ comfort and safety first, but more importantly, you won’t have to postpone your ground transfer plans or end up paying hiked taxi rates.

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