An Easy Guide to Choosing Airport Transportation Calgary

One of the most challenging tasks for frequent travelers is to get to and fro from the airport. And while there are plenty of public transportation available, dealing with them can be tiring. Moreover, when you are traveling with a group of people, finding the right number of seats is not guaranteed.

For requirements like these, pre-booked airport shuttle buses are the best option. They make group commuting super easy and comfortable. However, if you are booking airport transportation Calgary-based service for the first time, you need to remember some key points. What are those? We have listed them below.

airport transportation Calgary

Booking Airport Shuttle Bus Service – Tips to Keep in Mind

In today’s tech-savvy world when everything is online, you’d think finding a shuttle service is easy. Sure it is, but if it’s your first time, the chances of making mistakes are high. Keeping the below-mentioned points in mind will help you avoid those mistakes:

1: Planning is Crucial

A crucial step that many people tend to overlook is planning. Planning ahead will help you ensure things go smoothly. It is better to book an airport shuttle bus service beforehand. Doing so leaves you sufficient time to reach the airport.

Pro Tip: Many shuttle service providers charge by the distance covered. So, make sure you calculate the distance from your destination to the airport.

2: Investigate Company Reputation

Don’t choose the very first airport transfer service you come across. Look for more than three options so you can compare their prices and reputation. Check out their online reviews and examine their ratings. The higher the rating, the better will be their service. Also, check if the company responds to complaints. If they do, they take their reputation seriously and if they don’t – move to the next option.

Client comments will also give you an idea of their pricing structure and facilities. So, read them carefully.

3: Space and Seat Availability

Space is an essential factor to consider when booking an airport shuttle. By space we mean, leg space and space for luggage. Most companies mention this information on their website or application, try looking for it there. If not, you can ask them about it directly via call or email. Just don’t get fooled by reading ads like – ‘Book a luxury tour bus rental service at affordable rate’ – do your research.

luxury Tour Bus Rental

Don’t forget to share your seat requirements with them in advance too. Companies like Go Calgary Shuttles ask you to fill out a form with the number of passengers. We also give you the option to select the vehicle of your choice such as a Mercedes Sprinter or a Motor Coach.

Sharing details like these help ensure a hassle-free ride. And any company that has been in the business for a few years will surely ask these details. If they don’t, take it as a red signal that they are not experienced enough.

4: Professional Drivers

A shuttle service’s reputation has a lot to do with its drivers. While factors like price and facilities look good on the outside, what eventually matters is the person who will drive you to your destination.

As an individual responsible for the safety of a group, check if the drivers are competent enough. They should have substantial experience, familiarity with the area, and a friendly attitude.

5: Flexible Booking

A reliable company always offers multiple ways to book their services. From websites and apps to call and email – they take bookings from all the mediums. They leave it to the clients to choose the medium they are most comfortable with. Another quality that sets a good company from a not-so-reliable one is their response time.

For instance, if you are booking through their website, you should immediately get a confirmation. The same goes for email and on-call booking – they should be able to give you a confirmation right away.

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Not To Forget

Cleanliness is also a factor to consider. Opt for a service that guarantees regular cleaning and sanitization. If you cannot find this information on thor website, call them up to inquire about it.