Visit Scotsman's Hill for sweeping views of the metropolis in calgary

Best Activities to Try in Calgary this Winter 2022!

Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada, is a popular winter vacation spot for visitors from across the world. The city of Banff, located in the Canadian Rockies, is a perfect beginning or ending point for a trip into the peaks. In addition to this, the city offers a wide range of exciting activities that you can explore on affordable charter bus rental.

In the winter, we present to you some of the best activities to be doing in Calgary.

Activities to Pursue in Calgary Trip:

It’s time to enjoy some amazing activities in Calgary! Want to know more about it? Have a look:

Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower |
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Not only does the Calgary Tower provide as memorable backdrop for photos, but it’s also one of the city’s most popular points of interest. The 626ft/191 meter high Tower, erected in 1968, provides some of the best views over the city, the surrounding grasslands, and on a clear day, the nearby Canadian Rockies. This site is available from the Sky 360° spinning restaurant or the observation deck when you visit. With the free audio guide, you may discover much more regarding the city, its past, and the exact sights you’ll see from the viewing platform.

Walking Tours of New York City’s Prohibition District

There were several periods in Canada in which the manufacturing, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages were outlawed entirely. It is possible to discover a little further about the period by taking a walking journey. The 2.5-hour Prohibition trip includes a stop at the Fairmont Palliser’s bar, where you’ll be able to sample a great and unique cocktail made especially for the group. Several more tours are available in addition to the Prohibition Tour, including the Exploring Calvary Bus Tour, Heritage Culinary Bus Tour, etc. All of these tours can be through a good Calgary airport shuffle service.

Visit Scotsman’s Hill for sweeping views of the metropolis

Visit Scotsman's Hill for sweeping views of the metropolis in calgary
Source: traveltriangle

Head to Scotsman’s Hill, if you’re looking for postcard-worthy sights of the Calgary skyline. While there is no guarantee of seeing the city covered in snow during your stay, it is still possible. The best time to visit this vantage point is during the blue hour or just after sunset when the light is very pleasing.

Take a tour of Studio Bell

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Music is the focus of Studio Bell, a national cultural institution in Canada. For those who want to understand regarding some of Canada’s greatest artists, there are segments where you can play an instrument, and there might possibly be live demonstrations. Book charter bus tour packages and find out more for yourself.

Have fun at an ice hockey match!

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Hockey is among Canada’s most popular sports, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to see it in action. Just at Saddle Stadium, anyone can do this. Begin by stocking up on some munchies and a few beers before you take to the field in this action-packed and occasionally combative game. When it comes to watching a hockey game, you can expect a lot of action, including a few fights, which only adds to the excitement.


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