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Columbia Icefield Adventure- 2 Days Tour from Calgary or Banff

The Columbia Icefield Adventure is an awe-inspiring beauty in the Canadian Rockies. It offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of some of North America’s largest glaciers. Stepping into this frozen realm feels surreal. Here nature’s grandeur takes center stage, leaving us amazed and humbled. Take a short tour of Columbia Icefield with the help of this guide.

Is The Columbia Icefield Tour Worth It?

Not sure if you must embark on this tour? Wondering if the Columbia Icefield Tour Worth it? The answer is yes, this tour is worth it. You will definitely get amazed to see the beauty of this historical site. Let’s have a discussion about a few of the major exciting destinations of this ancient place. 

  • Majestic Glaciers: Explore massive glaciers up close, like the breathtaking Athabasca Glacier, revealing the forces of nature at work. The Athabasca Glacier consists of around 10,000 years of ice sheet. 

  • Glacier Skywalk: Experience the thrill of a glass-floored observation platform high above Sunwapta Valley. You will simply love the glacier-carved landscapes.

  • Stunning Scenic Views: The journey along the Icefields Parkway treats you to picturesque snow-capped mountains, rivers, and sparkling lakes.

  • Abundant Wildlife: Spot diverse wildlife, from mountain goats to grizzly bears, thriving in the untouched wilderness surrounding the Columbia Icefield. The diverse wildlife present here provides an unforgettable experience for the tourist on the Icefield Tour packages.

  • Icefield Centre: The base for the adventure, offering interactive exhibits, informative presentations, and essential facilities. Set out on this comfortable and educational visit to learn about the glaciers’ significance.

The Duration of The Tour:

The Duration at Columbia Icefield varies based on the chosen activities of the tourist. The standard package with the Glacier Skywalk and guided visit to Athabasca Glacier lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours. This includes a visit to the Icefield Centre, exploring the glacier, and enjoying the Glacier Skywalk.

Keep in mind that additional activities or extra time at stops along the Icefields Parkway can extend the duration of the tour. So, plan your schedule accordingly to make the most of this extraordinary adventure. Immerse yourself fully in the stunning beauty of the Columbia Icefield.

How to Visit the Columbia Icefield?

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How Far are the Icefields from Calgary?

The distance of Icefields from Calgary is roughly around 294-295km.

How Long Is The Tour At Columbia Icefield?

The tour duration depends on the time spent at the Icefield. Additional activities or extra time at stops along the Icefields Parkway can extend the tour duration.

How do I transfer from Calgary Airport to the city?

You can choose the option of Go Calgary Shuttles. It is one of the best options to get into the city from Calgary Airport.