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How to Travel from Calgary to Banff – Your Ultimate Guide

 If you’re curious about traveling from Calgary to Banff, you’ve come to the right spot. Going from the lively city of Calgary to the awe-inspiring beauty of Banff is a desire for numerous adventurers. Let us explore the various ways you can travel between these two destinations. We will also check the distance separating them, and offer some helpful tips for your trip.

Calgary International Airport – Your Gateway:

Your adventure begins at Calgary International Airport (YYC), a convenient gateway to the Canadian Rockies. This welcoming airport offers a smooth start to your Banff experience with its easy layout and minimal crowds. To reach Banff you can choose an efficient Calgary airport shuttle service and that is Go Calgary Shuttles.

How Far is Calgary from Banff?

The distance between Calgary and Banff is not too daunting. If you want to see the mountains sooner, you can make the 1.5-hour drive in just 45 minutes. If you’re heading to Canmore, add another 30 minutes to your journey. There are multiple routes to Banff, with the Trans-Canada Highway being the fastest. There is a scenic option via Cochrane if you have some extra time.

Transportation Options:

Now, let’s explore your transportation choices for traveling from Calgary to Banff:

  • Shuttle Buses:

Several companies offer shuttle bus transfers from Calgary International Airport to Banff. They run on a schedule with multiple transfers daily. These Calgary to Banff shuttle services are efficient and comfortable, making your journey hassle-free.

  • Private Transfers:

For more flexibility, consider a private transfer service. Taxis, charter buses, and luxury sedans are among the vehicle options. Prices vary, and you can arrange pickups from any address in Calgary. You can rely on Go Calgary Shuttles for the Calgary airport to Banff shuttle service.

  • Rental Cars:

Renting a car provides the freedom to explore Banff at your own pace. It’s particularly useful if you plan to venture off the beaten path. Major car rental companies operate at Calgary International Airport.

  • On-It Public Bus (Summer Only):

If you’re traveling on a budget, the On-It public bus is an economical option available in the summer months. It connects Calgary to Banff and offers a cost-effective way to reach your destination.

  • Rideshare and Hitchhiking:

Platforms like Poparide and local Facebook groups can connect you with drivers traveling between Calgary and Banff. While cost-effective, hitchhiking is less common and may require some waiting time.

  • Turo (Car Rental Alternative):

Turo is a car-sharing platform where you can rent vehicles from local owners. If traditional car rental options are limited, Turo might provide a suitable alternative.

Local Transport in Banff:

Once you arrive in Banff, you can explore the town and nearby attractions without a car. Banff offers an efficient public transport system called Roam Transit, which covers significant sites and routes. Additionally, shuttle buses and guided tours are available for exploring the surrounding area.

Banff National Park Pass:

Keep in mind that all visitors to Banff National Park need a Parks Canada pass. You can purchase this pass at the park entrance gates after Canmore. You can also buy it online in advance to save time.


Traveling from Calgary to Banff is a remarkable journey that opens the door to the stunning Canadian Rockies. Plan your route, grab your pass, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Banff! As for reaching Banff, you can explore the various transportation options.