Five Amazing Perks of Choosing Wedding Shuttle Services

Weddings are more than just two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. They are about celebrating the Union of love in the presence of friends and family.

But have you planned how you’d get everyone at the venue? Yes, most of them may be having their own vehicles but what about the rest? Also, if everyone is coming on their own, then what’s the fun?

Hiring wedding shuttle services is the best way to ensure everyone gets to the venue on time and together (which means double the fun). Here are five reasons you should consider hiring them:


From the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the parents, in-laws, and cousins, the list of attendees can be pretty long. Everyone has a role to play and each of their presence means a lot to the couple.

A professional wedding shuttle service helps you pick them all up at one time. The bridesmaids can chat along the way and get plenty of space to protect their dresses from wrinkles. Similarly, the guys too can suit up and reach the location without worrying about driving anyone around.


Weddings equal happiness, fun, and celebration. It also means that everyone is in the mood to party like never before.

A wedding or luxury tour bus rental service helps everyone stay safe so even if your guests end up drinking a little, they do not have to drive their way back.


Decorating the venue is simply not enough. Your guest’s transportation should also give out a wedding vibe, don’t you think so? With a shuttle service, you can decorate the bus or minibus to your heart’s content. You can wrap it up with giant ribbons, or use banners and balloons to decorate it from the inside. The soon to be married couple’s initials can also add a special touch to the decoration – we suggest you try that!

Make sure you discuss all these details with the service provider. Talking these things out in advance will give you one less thing to worry about.


Attending weddings can be a costly affair even for the guests especially if the destination is out of town. But having an airport shuttle bus service can help your guests save some money on cab fare or gas. And if they’re unfamiliar with the routes (something that is very likely), a shuttle service will allow them to reach the wedding location without any stress. They will arrive with a smile and get the opportunity to make great memories on the way.


From air conditioning and entertainment facilities to charging sockets and handicap accessibility, a shuttle service can provide you with everything you need.

At GoCalgary Shuttles, we know you want your guests and relatives to have a comfortable ride and we go the extra mile to help you ensure that. Make a list of all the special amenities you require and leave the rest to us.


Let us handle your guest’s transport while you enjoy your wedding. We’ve been doing this for years and would love to do it for you too. Our Calgary airport transport and wedding shuttle services are the best in town.

Reach out to us for a customized quote via email. You may also connect with one of our representatives at 1-888-267-6660 in case of any questions or doubts. We’d be happy to help you take off that guest transport-related stress with our professional services.