Why a Mini Charter Bus Rental is perfect for Sports Teams

People travel to different places, cities, and countries individually or in groups for sightseeing, fun activities, passion, or business. Sports teams, in particular, travel in groups, they have a higher number of people and they usually carry a large chunk of sports equipment and luggage. Event organizers usually take care of the transportation, they might hire a cab for you but it would put the safety of your equipment at risk. And also there is no surety if the entire team will travel together.

mini charter bus rental

The entire purpose of the team is to stay together and build up team spirit along the way. A mini charter bus rental is perfect for a large group like a sports team. These buses come with enough space to house such a large group and a storage section to keep the equipment. If you are visiting a big city like Calgary, you can never go wrong with a mini charter bus. They are luxurious, safe, and efficient for traveling in a group.

What is a Mini Charter Bus?

Charter buses also known as motor coaches are designed for large groups. They are of two types – charter buses and mini charter buses. They are exclusive vehicles to serve transportation and traveling purposes for a group. A mini charter bus is a little smaller than the regular charter bus but no less by any means. They usually have 18-25 seats which is a highly viable transportation vehicle for a sports team of any kind. Shuttle service providers like GoCalgary offers

Who Else Can Hire a Mini Charter Bus (Besides Sports Teams)

It’s true that they are ideal for sports teams but it does not mean they are exclusively for them. Mini charter buses are ideal for any group of up to 25 people with luggage included. Here is the list of groups for whom mini charter bus rental is suitable –

● Ideal school and college students for educational trips to various cities
● These buses are equipped with Wi-fi hence good for business groups
● Affordable means of transportation for religious groups.
● Music groups can book mini charters for music fests
● Suitable for a group of family members or friends for sightseeing.
● Excellent for weddings and related events. Wedding shuttle service cost very minimal as compared to other private transportation services

Amenities Offered by a Mini Charter Bus Rental

Mini charter is a full package and it has all kinds of comforts and luxuries. They are specially designed vehicles with proper seatings. Therefore, sports teams can travel to different locations with no discomforts on the road. Aside from a comfortable journey on the go they also offer the following amenities –

● Extra comfy seats
● Air Conditioning with various settings
● Individual mini tv sets and DVD player
● Bathroom with sink at the back.
● Free Wifi
● Charging points at the seats
● Storage space for luggage and equipment

These are the things that you can find in any mini charter but. However, the quality and the amenities you are getting may vary with bus model and size. If you are planning a sports trip, make sure to ask what kinds of services they are offering.

Things You Can Do in a Mini Charter Bus

There are many things you can do in a mini charter bus rental and there are also some things that you cannot. However, it all depends on the shuttle service provider. Therefore it’s always wise to confirm from the service provider. As it is an exclusive vehicle for your team, certainly you have more freedom to do things during the journey.

Travelers are most concerned about things about food, drinks, and beverages. So, if you and your team are concerned about eating and drinking in the charter, well you can, mostly. Most of the shuttle service providers allow drinks and food. However, it’s wise not to spill while consuming because it might cost you extra.

A mini charter bus is a completely private space for you to utilize and you can travel from the home grounds to the destination effortlessly. You can keep the team spirit alive in your entire journey without worrying about delays. If you are traveling via air to Calgary, YYC Airport Transfer from GoClagary is the safest and risk-free decision you can make.